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Essential oils rise in popularity, health experts emphasize knowledge before use

21 March 2016

The popularity of essential oils is on the increase, however their proper usage isn’t quite as common. That’s per holistic life coach, Tenesha Vereen and aromatherapist, Stephanie Norris, WHO say there square measure lots of edges to the oils, if they're used properly. Norris says the oils, that square measure strictly extracted from varied plants and biology sources, are often powerful and will be used with care. Vereen adds that just because one thing is “natural” doesn't mean it isn’t dangerous.

The pair owns and operates Essential Infusions that aims to supply awareness and steering to eudaimonia mistreatment natural solutions.They say essential oils are often used for a spread of ailments like your average headache or perhaps for hypersensitivity reaction relief, however it’s necessary to consult knowledgeable. Vereen says one in every of the foremost common mistakes users build is mistreatment the oil “neat,” or applying oil on to the skin, or perhaps ingesting them. She says it’s very important to know what you’re setting up and on your body.

According to Norris and Vereen, essential oils square measure typically an alternate, or “clean” choice for those eager to decrease the amount of poisons they’re taking in. They’re conjointly well-known for having fewer aspect effects than ancient medications, however aren’t perpetually meant to be used alone. Vereen says typically the oils square measure only once utilized in conjunction with different treatment.

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