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Australian wool growers use of National Wool Declarations continues to grow

16 March 2016

The AWEX National Wool Declaration (NWD) provides Australian woolgrowers the chance to declare their on farm practices and for the world’s wool consumers to successively reward it. worth premiums for non mulesed (NM), ceased mulesed (CM) and pain relief (PR) treated flocks remains a hot topic for dialogue however within the meanwhile there area unit clear trends close the employment of the NWD and therefore the declarations inside.

AWI printed the newest figures showing that fifty three.6% of all tons area unit presently declared (NM, CM, PR, or Declared Mulesed), and therefore the level of declaration continues to grow.

Effectively, the NWD class growth area unitas are NM and PR. CM is steady at a pair of, whereas Declared Mulesed is declining by one.2% pa, and Non-declared declining at one.29% pa (mirrors the speed of gain in total declared).

At present rates, 12.2% of the clip is NM or CM, and this can be projected to rise to regarding 14 July by 2018/19.

While the speed of PR declaration is increasing (+2.1% pa), the general rate of PR declaration (21%) remains in need of the usage level indicated from farmer surveys and products sales (55 – 70%) and should replicate an absence of serious worth premiums for declaration of PR standing evident within the market to-date.


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