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Australian wool clip changes in micron and amount.

29 January 2016

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) distributed a report a month ago on the fast advancement of the profile of the Australian wool cut following 2001/02, demonstrating the adjustments in micron and amount. By report in 2001/02 the Australian wool clasp was around 580,000 million kilograms and the extent of the clasp better than 24.5 microns was 87.1% with a subsequent 12.9% from non-Merino sorts, being more extensive than 24.5 microns. 

Fourteen years on and the national wool cut has decreased to around 330 million kilograms, the extents have of course changed additionally with now 82.4% of all fleeces created being better than 24.5 microns while the extent of non-Merino fleeces has developed from 12.9% in 2001/02 to 17.6% in 2014/15. 


The most emotional diminishment can be seen for 21 2 micron wools, the creation of 21 micron wools has been decreased by more than 60% since 2001 and more than 70% since 1991/92. For 22 micron wool the comparing figures are 70% and 85%. While there has been a bimodal or "twofold mound" to the profile of the Australian fleece cut for over 10 years, the way that non-Merino wool creation has not dropped to the same emotional degree as medium micron wool implies its extent of the clasp has expanded fundamentally, now 17.6% as specified. 

The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee has this month figure shorn wool creation for the present year will assist decrease by 7.0% to 322 mkg. This mirrors a mix of a 4.8% fall in shorn sheep numbers and a 2.3% drop in normal wool weights. The full report, to be found at makes for fascinating perusing, especially with the huge generation changes over the states.

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