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Australia's woolgrowers vote to hold 2% demand

09 December 2015

Australian woolgrowers have voted to keep up the two for each penny demand on fleece deals to store exploration, advancement and showcasing of the normal fiber. 

At the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Annual General Meeting, Chief Executive Officer Stuart McCullough said thanks to woolgrowers for taking an interest and demonstrating confidence in AWI to proceed with its work to expand the productivity of developing fleece. 

"We assume the liability of contributing cultivators' duties truly, so we are delighted the level of backing for the 2% duty rate expanded for the current year. WoolPoll is a straightforward and reasonable path for woolgrowers to choose our future subsidizing and the chance to vote zero is an alternative the AWI Board is satisfied must dependably be advertised. 


"We will keep on measuring the execution of all parts of AWI yet we must investigate new, inventive approaches to make fleece developing less demanding and more productive. We should likewise instruct more architects and brands to utilize fleece and thusly more purchasers around the globe to wear fleece." 

Mr McCullough recognized the endeavors of the WoolPoll Panel and its Chairman Will Roberts in empowering investment and guaranteeing the voting procedure was led in consistence with the regulations. 

As in past Polls, qualified toll payers were welcome to choose their favored duty alternative from 0, 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 for every penny. 

WoolPoll takes after strict rules set out in the WoolPoll Regulations as an autonomous, law based procedure.

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