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Have your say in the future of the wool industry business.

05 October 2015

IWTO (The International Wool Textile Organisation)is encouraging the advancement of a wool industry vision and system. 'It is vital for the business to be proactive in making a fruitful future for wool by and large', says Elizabeth van Delden Secretary General IWTO.

What will achievement look like for fleece in 2025? What are fleece's aggregate dangers? Wool's aggregate open doors? What do we have to do together to guarantee long haul gainfulness?

'At IWTO we welcome you to join the wool business' pioneers and specialists as we settle on the roused choices which will propel us together', says Ms van Delden. A workshop will be held in Istanbul and is a Wool's piece Round Table that will be held there on 23-24 November 2015.

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