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Healthy levels in forward wool merchandising

03 August 2015

Market Intelligence Report from The Woolmark Co has analysed the activities in forward contracts for wool over recent months. The report checked out opportunities offered and also the important come by costs within the weeks leading up to the tip of the merchandising season, furthermore because the massive and sudden volumes placed on the market at identical time.


The stellar rise within the wool market within the last six months has diode to a number of the very best costs in dollar terms for four years across some medium microns, with carding wools mercantilism in record territory additionally the report says.


 Naturally this has diode to a major movement of wool onto the market however as noted within the latest AWI weekly market report, wool consumers, exporters and wool users reacted severely to the heavily magnified volume of wool striking the market over the last sales of the merchandising season. the first issue is that the late notice of the staggering thirty eighth and twenty first increase within the last 2 consecutive weeks to complete the 2014/15 merchandising season.


In real terms this meant the trade had to suddenly realize the capital to fund a possible A$33 million a lot of in auction buying at the time of year wherever finances square measure sometimes being settled. Not astonishingly, the pass in rates went from simply one hundred and twenty fifth for the week ending the fifth of June to 17 November four weeks later.


Whether this is often unacceptable volatility to burden the market with or the market at work may be a matter of opinion.



Meanwhile a awfully healthy level of forward merchandising of wool has been happening in recent months.


 Elder’s Southern Zone Wool Manager Lachlan Brown reports that listed volume on the commodities market has raised hugely as several woolgrowers have confiscated the most effective chance since mid-2011 to lock in at traditionally high costs. Contracts are set-aside as way out as Gregorian calendar month 2016 and for the total metric linear unit spectrum, from 18.5 to 32.


 The majority of the trade has centred around twenty one metric linear unit wherever levels of up to 1350 cents/cln metric weight unit are contracted  for late spring maturity, representing a rise of up to $350/bale in gross come on 2014. With premiums for finer merino sheep microns however to come to long run average levels, several fine woolgrowers square measure opting to contract medium wool indicators to manage market draw back risk. By doing therefore, they preserve access to any potential raise within the premium fine wools over medium varieties.


 Despite the recent softening in auction wool costs, forward costs haven't shrivelled to identical degree. Interest remains from each the sell aspect (woolgrowers) and obtain aspect (exporters/processors) as all trade participants decide to manage the doubtless medium term wool value volatility.

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