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Merger of NZ scouring firms one step nearer

22 July 2015

The New island Commerce Commission issued its draft determination to approve the merger of the scouring assets of 50%-owned Cavalier Wool Holdings Ltd (CWH) and New island Wool Services International Ltd (NZWSI). The Commission can permit a amount for formal submissions from interested parties when that it'll issue a final determination.

The Directors of CWH believe that the interim call confirms their read that the merger is within the best interests of the New island wool scouring trade.

 Cavalier Corporation administrator Colin McKenzie says the merger can produce synergies by disposing of excess capability within the trade and cause improved profit. the choice comes because the worth of animal oil is setting out to recover.


Zealand Wool Services (owned by Lempriere) has conjointly welcome the Commerce Commission’s preliminary endorsement of its merger with Cavalier Wool Holding’s wool scouring operations in New island.

Lempriere administrator William Lempriere aforementioned the acquisition was a positive and owed result for the New island wool trade.

“NZ can retain a first scouring trade in New island operated by Associate in Nursing freelance commission processor for the good thing about growers and exporters.

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