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The benefits of essential oils

02 July 2015

Want to de-stress your self reception while not aiming to the spa? 

Essential oils square measure here to administer you an identical soothing expertise. Extracted from varied flowers and plants, these body oils facilitate to unwind each physically and mentally. a number of these oils have antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial drug and anti inflammatory properties which will conjointly facilitate in deodorizing the body. TOI talks to aroma therapists to understand a lot of regarding the advantages of essential oils...


Naushad, associate degree aroma expert at the spa in Bengaluru, says, "Body oils helps the skin glow.Lavender, eucalyptus and cinnamon oils square measure used as a stress buster. The aroma of those oils improves blood circulation and provides a soothing expertise.It conjointly improves the feel of the skin and offers you a healthy skin. a mix of lemon and rosemary oils and anti-cellulite oils helps to scale back body fat." Ajay, another essential oils professional, says, "Extra virgin oil contains an honest quantity of minerals, that square measure smart for warm oil massage. It helps to scale back body pain. Harmony oil, made up of flower and leaf extracts, is additionally smart for mental state."


So, however usually ought to one choose massage and what ought to be the perfect period of the medical aid? "People World Health Organization have a inactive way ought to choose aroma therapy a minimum of once in an exceedingly week, whereas for others once in each fifteen days or a month is sweet enough," Ajay adds.



Olive oil is taken into account smart for dry skin. It brings out the skin's natural texture and acts as a conditioner for the hair and nails. The oil is made in fat-soluble vitamin and E, that conjointly helps to regenerate skin cells. It is used as lotion, eye makeup remover, lip scrub in addition as utilized in homemade  face packs. Aroma therapists combine olive and lavender oils for the cooling result in summers.



Regular massage with this oil helps to get rid of toxins from the body. It burns fat and reduces fatty tissue.The different styles of these oils embrace hazelnut, juniper, citrus and jojoba.


This oil helps to stay metabolic process infections, body pain, wounds, burns and ulcers treed. it's conjointly utilized in tooth paste, cough drops and lozenges. it's useful for mental state and utilized in several medicines.



Lavender oil has the standard of providing smart sleep and helps to enhance your systema nervosum. This oil conjointly helps to get rid of dandruff, and tackle skin disease and hair loss.


Cinnamon oil is made in Mn, iron and atomic number 20. It improves brain operate, purifies blood and helps to beat back polygenic disorder and cardiopathy. Application of the oil on the body throughout winter nights keeps America heat and protects America from cold, cough and respiration issues. As different oils, this oil is additionally used as area fresheners.

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