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AWI Australian Wool Market comment (29th May)

02 June 2015

Large value gains were the fundamentals of the Australian wool auction markets in the week. The positive mood of the

Past few months extended all over again and gained momentum, as every type and descriptions on supply appreciated greatly. The little giving of simply over37, 000 bales was clearly not enough to quench this demand for Australian wool, significantly for domestic sheep fleece wools. As a result some varieties within the domestic sheep sector placed on extraordinary weekly gain of up to 140ac/ clean weight unit in one instance, with a general sixty to 100ac/ clean weight unit rise being evident by the shut of commerce.



With such positive activity and strength of competition, the EMI (Eastern Market Indicator) all over the week at a four year high at 1312ac/clean weight unit or 70ac/clean weight unit higher. This level has not been seen since the July/August amount of 2011 and currently sits at grade equalization to twenty sixth on top of at constant time last year.

The overall confidence in wool demand according back to Australia from last week’s IWTO (International Wool

Textile Organization) conference in China was found to be spot on, because the major Chinese patrons exerted their strength in shopping for in native sale rooms. The competition was intense, because the native forward sellers and exporters place up a stronger fight in the week to place some wool into their inventory and canopy some clearly badly positioned forward contracts. The weak AUD helped the Chinese indent patrons vastly and that they

Fully utilized the two.5 to three week on week advantage in currency.

The short to medium expectation of a relative shortage in international wool offer has triggered abundant of the

Activities, as stocks in most sections of the provision chain are allowed to run perilously low.


All domestic sheep fleece varieties were in nice demand and gains of sixty to 80ac/clean weight unit were created within the fine and


Superfine space, with the lower quality wools appreciating the foremost, as patrons looked to shop for in as low cost as potential because the market raced away. Fine, medium and broad (19.5 to twenty three micron) domestic sheep fleece came underneath the strongest of attention and rises of ninety to a staggering 140ac/clean weight unit were created, with the biggest gains created within the broadest sector, as quantities of those wools square measure low. All over again the bulk of wools were

Purchased by Chinese interests.

 Merino skirtings, all cardings and every one Crossbred varieties gained an analogous twenty to 35ac/clean weight unit for the week, except a really little giving of twenty four to twenty seven micrometer crossbred fleece that gained 80ac/clean weight unit. Demand remains sturdy, and revived activity from the massive prime manufacturers indicates that wool prime sales square measure being created downstream Next week the extraordinarily low volume of simply in need of 26,000 bales can for sure check the depth of the patron’s pockets.

 Most participants assume that the market can stay at strength till international mill stocks square measure replenished. With South America and RSA winding down for his or her seasons within the future month, that may place more pressure on the Australian offer.



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