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Keep your car clean and smelling fresh

09 May 2015

This past winter probably wreaked havoc on your car’s interior, what with all the road salt, sand, mud and grit that get tramped through it. Every nook and cranny of your carpets, console, mouldings and upholstery take a beating, and they need to be thoroughly cleaned when spring comes.

The first thing to remember is that it’s vital to use the appropriate cleaning products so you don’t damage any materials or change their appearance and colour. Specialized products with a beeswax or lanolin base are great for leather upholstery. Avoid using silicone products, as they can damage leather seats as well as the clothes you’re wearing when you sit on them.  

Cleaning products specifically designed to shine up plastics and wood are also available in stores. However, a more economical option is to use a damp cloth along with a mild soap and hot water. For your car windows, a mixture of water and vinegar is effective, or you could always opt for a streak-free glass cleaner.


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