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What’s happening to wool costs?

05 May 2017

Australian and South African wool prices have lifted, while NZ and uk wool charges have dropped, and China’s exchange information suggests a totally mixed photo for 2016/17.

Merino wool expenses in Australia have risen sharply in this season. The assessment between superfine wool charges in Australia with charges for different wool’s is stark, particularly for broader wool from NZ and the United Kingdom.

The Australian eastern market indicator is currently 19% higher than on the start of the 2016/17 season, at the same time as the 18 Micron price manual is up by way of forty three%. The South African Cape Wools Indicator is up by way of 18% in A$ terms.

In contrast, NZ first-class Crossbred expenses are 31% decrease and uk wool expenses (based on the British Wool advertising Board’s market Indicator) are 22% decrease. All charges are in A$ terms.

records on China’s exchange in wool and wool products for December indicates that China’s imports of raw and semi-processed wool jumped in December. in comparison with a year earlier, total imports had been up via 42%, with a 49% yr-on-yr jump in imports from Australia and a ninety three% bounce in imports from South Africa. China’s imports from New Zealand had fallen for 14 out of the previous 15 months, but elevated through 37% in December. After 12 consecutive months of declines, imports from Uruguay expanded by 36%.

China’s exports of material were 78% better in December than in December 2015, with a pointy upward push in exports to the ecu Union, South Korea and ‘different’ destinations. however, China’s exports of other merchandise declined in December – wool top turned into down with the aid of 11%, wool yarn turned into 30% lower, wool cloth exports were 4% down for the month and exports of wool sweaters have been 16% lower.

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