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Anti-aging Skin Care Conference

05 June 2018 to 06 June 2018
One Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA, London, UK

Session titles will include 1) Skin aging processes and causes of premature skin aging 2) New technologies and treatments for premature skin aging 3) Advertising and claim support for anti-ageing skin care products 4) Assessment and delivery of anti-ageing skin care benefits

The 2-day international meeting is established as a high-level forum for in-depth presentations and discussions on the scientific, regulatory and marketing issues affecting this highly relevant and rapidly developing anti-ageing skin care sector.

The general theme of the conference focusses on defining and maintaining healthy skin and safe-guarding against premature skin ageing. The effects of environmental insults, genetics and the benefits of active skin care products and nutrition will be discussed.

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