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Established in 1975, SURU CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturers of all-India repute. During its traverse of over 4 decades, SURU has carved a niche as one of the pioneers in manufacturing of high quality raw materials for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Metal Treatment Chemical and Leather industries.

Due to its sheer dedication, perseverance and strict adherence to quality, SURU has been recognized as the leading Production and Export House of Lanolin and its derivatives.

SURU is ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for requirements of Lanolin, its derivative, Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemicals with high quality and prompt delivery.

Suru Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., a company founded by Dr. J.M. Shah , in the year – is pioneer manufacturer and exporter of raw materials like LANOLIN and its various derivatives, for Cosmetics and Pharma industries. Well known for its outstanding quality products and competency to meet the highest standards of local as well as international chemical market, company is marching ahead to benchmark its position as 'Single Source Lanolin Provider', across the country.



  • B. TEAM

… are the principles laid by the visionary founder DR. Shah , who empowers the success with strong resources, most reliable network of the suppliers and excellent blending of technical expertise with timely execution. Envisioning the company's objectives, those run parallel to customer's demand and satisfaction; today Suru Chemicals has mile-stoned the landmark achievements in its business journey.


“We make things happen”

This small slogan drives the company to reach the international expansion which is better be called as "Mission Suru"

'Mission Suru' , having target of crossing all the geographical boundaries and barriers has tapped the international pack of popularity.

Responding to ever changing demands of international business market, here every hurdle and challenge is addressed with quality production, value of money, wide range of choice and unparallel services.

In pursuit of value creation while building the business with trust and credibility amongst the customers, each experience is instituted with high-end operational systems and strategies.



“(Vision tomorrow)”

An unswerving will to grow has been the story during every moment of the company’s existence of nearly 3 decades. With a strong devotion to quality, commitment to strict adherence to delivery schedules and a continuous process of technology upgradation and product development, SURU looks to extend its activities and areas of operation TO KEEP SURU’S FLAG FLYING HIGH AS ONE OF THE WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURERS!



With the self-creation of mindset, culture and attitude for stringent quality control measures from conceptual stage to the finishing stage, SURU has committee to excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. The philosophy and work ethics endorsed by our customers has endeared SURU to become an indispensable partner in their businesses.



SURU has its own manufacturing facility at Tarapur with clean environment and has adopted GMP (Good manufacturing practices). As a result of our OHSAS: 18001:2007 for Occupation Health & Safety Management System, SURU has been the awarded prestigious safety award (PRASHANSA PATRA) instituted by National Safety Council of India. To add to Feather in our Cap, we have been chosen as winner of this coveted Award for four consecutive years i.e. 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. This amply testifies SURU’s commitment in ensuring that all safety aspects are adhered to with due diligence.